If you are planning an upcoming destination wedding on a budget Oahu, consider a gorgeous beach wedding near Waikiki.  At A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii in Honolulu, you will find the best wedding services on the Island at the lowest prices.  Our  Oahu wedding planners can help you select flowers and beach set ups to match your wedding colors.  One popular color scheme of tropical destination weddings on a budget is turquoise and coral-to match the gorgeous turquoise water in the background for your Hawaiian wedding photography.

destination weddings on a budget Oahu

source: Exclusively Weddings

Beachside weddings are the most popular setting for destination weddings on a budget.  Decorating with fun seashells, coral, and starfish is a great way to really incorporate the Hawaiian ocean theme into your beach wedding.  Bright turquoise and coral looks festive and really says “Aloha.”  Another nice touch is to order seashell leis for your guests along with gorgeous fresh flower Hawaiian leis including a “Haku” head lei.  Consider draping turquoise and coral organza over a simple bamboo wedding arch then spread some bright colored flower petals along the beach to form a flower petal isle. A bright colored Hawaiian wedding cake on the beach in turquoise with seashells and coral is another great touch for your Oahu beach wedding.

Turquoise and coral are dazzling colors that really show up well in the sun, against the gorgeous white sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise waters that Hawaii is so famous for.

For more ideas for your Hawaiian beach wedding, contact one of our wedding planners today at A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii on Oahu.  You won’t find lower prices or better services anywhere on the Island.

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How to Plan Destination Weddings on a Budget on Oahu

Posted September 1, 2013 By slclynn12@gmail.com

if you are looking for the perfect place for your destination weddings on a budget Oahu is the perfect choice!  Unlike its sister island, Maui, the island of Oahu is a very affordable destination wedding location.  Prices for Oahu wedding packages are half the cost of the exact same services on Maui.  Many couples plan small affordable destination weddings on a budget Oahu because it is common that every family member cannot travel to Hawaii for a beach wedding, so plans are made for a big reception when the couple returns home.

Destination weddings on a Budget near Waikiki

The average small Hawaiian wedding package for a beach wedding starts at around $400.  This includes the Hawaiian wedding officiate, professional photography with a limited photo package, and usually fresh Hawaiian Leis for the traditional leis exchange ceremony, as well as the beach permit and marriage license processing.  Combining a small Oahu beach wedding package with your honeymoon can be the answer to having it all within your budget, when it comes to the perfect wedding.

Hiring a Hawaiian wedding planner will make it easy to shop for all of the Hawaiian wedding services you want in one place and when you purchase your wedding services together in a package, there are even more savings to be had.  For example, professional photography packages which would normally cost around $500 are included in small Oahu beach wedding packages for hundreds of dollars less.  You Oahu wedding planner will make it easy to plan your special day by scheduling all of your vendors, applying for the mandatory beach permit, and steering you in the right direction when it comes to obtaining your marriage licence in Hawaii.

If you are looking for a great Hawaiian wedding planner on Oahu, contact A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii near Honolulu today, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Perfect Location for Hawaiian Destination Weddings

Posted June 3, 2013 By slclynn12@gmail.com

A primary consideration when choosing the location for destination weddings in Hawaii   for the perfect island location is your budget.  If keeping expenses down is important, know  where to find the most value in planning Hawaii weddings on the beach.

Destination Weddings in Hawaii

It’s important when planning destination weddings to note that Waikiki and Honolulu are NOT on the Island of Hawaii, those cities are actually located on Oahu.

The island of Hawaii however, is a much bigger and slightly more remote island which is commonly referred to as “The Big Island.”

oahu perfect beach location for destination weddings

Image Source; Waikiki Outrigger

One of the most important considerations when choosing the Island location for your Hawaiian Wedding, if you have a limited budget, then Oahu should definitely be considered.

destination weddings hawaii

Image Source; Homeaway.com

When considering destination weddings budget, you may be interested to know that on Oahu, the prices can be less than half of the cost of a wedding on Maui. You will find that the Island of Hawaii, (also referred to as “The Big Island”), has more reasonable prices than Maui, but you may pay a little more on the Big Island of Hawaii as compared to Oahu, because there are not quite as many wedding vendors which can really drive the cost up.

The beaches on Oahu are every bit as gorgeous as those on Maui for your Hawaiian wedding photography,  and the services are very comparable when considering photography, videography, Hawaiian wedding cakes, and more- plus you will save a lot of money by selecting Oahu instead of Maui for destination weddings in Hawaii.

Of course your hotel expense is one of the biggest when considering a destination wedding’s budget, and Oahu offers hotel prices that are a bit more affordable than Maui.

The average small package on the island of Oahu including the wedding officiate, professional digital photography on a CD, beach permit fee,  and fresh flower leis is approximately $400

On the Big Island of Hawaii you will find package averages starting around $600 and on Maui the same package will commonly cost double (or even more) compared to the price   of Oahu beach wedding packages.

If you have a limited budget for Hawaiian destination weddings, but you have your heart set on getting married on Maui, you may want to switch gears and consider having a Honolulu beach wedding on Oahu and then island hopping over to Maui on a local airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines then spending your honeymoon on Maui.  Your hotel expense will be a bit more, but with the money you’ll save on your Hawaiian wedding package, you’ll easily be able to afford the extra expense of the flight over to Maui.   To schedule your inter-island flight go to Priceline.com travel website and enter Maui then select any city such as Kihei  and you will find room rates starting at $99.


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Oahu is The Perfect Location for Destination Weddings on a Budget

Posted May 19, 2013 By slclynn12@gmail.com

For those planning destination weddings on a budget, an Oahu beach wedding is the perfect choice for a destination wedding location.

Destination Weddings on a Budget on Oahu

Even if for those planning their Hawaiian wedding destination weddings budget can  still have a very nice ceremony with beautiful professional photographs, many Oahu wedding companies, such as A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii,  have Oahu beach wedding packages starting under $400.

One of the best ways to save money and stay within your destination weddings budget  is to buy your own flowers. Tropical flowers are very fresh and easy to find on the islands at small  local flower shops and leis stands. Oahu wedding planners  have to get paid for ordering the flowers as well as picking them up . You can do that yourself and possibly realize a savings of 30 percent on your flower order. If you don’t have access to the internet while you are in Hawaii, you can ask your hotel front desk and they can direct you to a nearby local florist. Just walk in and ask to see their wedding bouquets and fresh flower leis, then you can easily decide if you like their style of flower arrangements for your beach wedding bridal bouquet.

Finding your own vendors can obviously save you money, but if you have located an Oahu wedding planner that you trust, it may not be worth the worry to venture out there on your own with unknown service providers.

Another way to save money is by ordering the photographs on a CD and then you can pay to have them developed later on. A word of caution, make sure you use a professional lab for developing your wedding pictures, even the best Hawaiian wedding photography will not turn out that well if you use a low quality lab.

You can also save money by ordering your wedding cake to be delivered at your hotel or restaurant after the ceremony instead of requesting the cake set up at the beach. Most of the expense for beach wedding cakes on Oahu is for the rental of the table and plates and silver service utensils. The draw back to taking the cake with you is that the cake cutting ceremony won’t be in your  beach wedding photography. A nice substitute for cutting the wedding cake at the beach is a sparkling cider toast after the ceremony for the bride,  groom and guests, and it will cost much less than ordering the cake set up.

These are jut a few examples of how you can really save money and stay on your destination weddings budget.  For specific romantic beach wedding quotes on Oahu, contact us today at A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii at www.treasuredmoment.com.


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